General conditions

By his commitment, the participant agrees to respect the general conditions and to conform to the official’s

The Retro Grand-Prix of Curtilles-Prévenloup is an event for your pleasure and for the public. It is not considered
as a race, but as a demonstration of historic competition and exceptional cars. The runs are not timed. The
number of place is limited. A supplement of 100.- will be billed to the participants that register avec the deadline.

The transfer between the paddocks and the start as well as from the finish to the paddocks are regulated with a
pace car. Any driver that is unable to drive because of physical or psychological reasons or that is under the
influence of alcohol, drugs or medication or is considered unable to drive must refrain himself from driving.
The participant must have a valid driving licence for the vehicle that he is driving during the length of the event.
The only vehicles that are allowed to be driven during the event are the one who have successfully passed a
technical inception. A change of driver after the administrative control is not allowed. The only driver allowed is
the one that has been registered and participated at the technical inspection.

For unregistered vehicles, the GP Retro Curtilles contracted an RC insurance for the damage caused by the
participants’ vehicles – according to Art. 72 of the road Law to third parties. (eg, spectators, residents or
organizers). The GP Retro Curtilles is not responsible for any damage to the participant’s vehicles.
For all registered vehicles, each participant is the only responsible or his/her insurance and drives under their
entire responsibility.

Theft of the vehicle or equipment: the organizer may under no circumstances be held responsible for the
disappearance of property of the participants.

Through its inscription, the pilot dismisses all claims against the organizer, his staff, helpers and volunteers.
The organizer cannot guarantee the drivers to drive. He reserves the right to cancel all or part of the runs for
weather reasons (downpours, floods, storms), security reasons, independent of his will. No compensation will be
paid by the organizer.

Mandatory: Helmet, protective gear and clothes and administrative inspection.
Not obligatory: Race licence, homologation papers

For reasons of safety and infrastructure, the number of vehicles that can participate is limited. If a choice must be
done, it shall be decided by the organizing committee of the event, without justification.

For your information, the general conditions are translated into English and German. In case of disputes, only the
general terms and conditions in French are valid. The legal domain is at Curtilles.